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Eevee Bork is a beloved UK based Shiba Inu with a huge following on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Creating fun, engaging content that connects with fans around the world. Partner with us to reach a wide audience and explore unique collaboration opportunities.

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Our Mission and Values:

We aims to create entertaining, safe, and engaging content. We value positivity, humor, and a love for pets, fostering a kind and enthusiastic community.

Why Collaborate with Eevee Bork?:

Eevee’s large and dedicated follower base offers brands unparalleled visibility and engagement. Collaborate with us to reach a diverse audience that spans the USA, UK, and beyond.

Audience Demographics and Reach:

Eevee Bork’s followers are primarily pet lovers aged 18-34, with a strong presence in major English-speaking countries and significant engagement in Europe and Asia.

Success Stories and Case Studies:

Partnering with Eevee Bork has benefited the following brands through increased social media presence, brand awareness, and customer engagement.

  • Harringtons Dog Food
  • Woofz Training App
  • Trifo AI Robot Vacuums
  • Bonkers Dog Treats
  • any many more!

Our Viral Content:

We've made countless viral videos across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Each platform showcases Eevee’s unique charm and creativity across short-form and long-form videos. Standouts include:

  • So Cute, I'm Angry
  • The Cheese Tax
  • Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa
  • Barbara's Rhubarb Bar
  • The Pokédance
  • Popipo

How to Collaborate with Eevee:

Interested in partnering with Eevee Bork? Contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities, tailor-made campaigns, and how we can help promote your brand effectively.

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You’re in good hands

Eevee is a 9 year old Japanese Shiba Inu born and raised in the UK. Eevee, Sam & Hannah are UK based family that have important values when creating content:

• Content is cute, funny, pleasant & enjoyable
• Content is safe for Eevee
• Foster a positive, kind pet-loving community with a great sense of humor

Work with Eevee
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“I keep up with the latest trends and giving them a special eevee.bork twist”
“I love being a part of the livestreams and act as quality assurance for the videos ;)”