A Shiba POV walk - How Shiba Inu's See The World

What it's like to walk as a Shiba Inu Dog

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Ready for an awesome journey? Then get set and come along with Eevee Bork, the sassiest Shiba Inu on the internet, for her adventure in "A Shiba POV Walk - How Shiba Inu's See The World". Eevee, our superstar shibe, is about to show you what it's like to live a day in her paws. With more than 6,000 walks in her track record, Eevee knows a thing or two about awesome adventures! We hooked her up with the latest Insta360 GO 3 POV camera, but not before Eevee tried a funny 'Shiba drill' trick and sent the camera flying! After fixing it back on, we were ready to dive right into Eevee's world. Watch as Eevee explores around, sniffing grass and lampposts just like a real-life detective. Share the fun as she meets new friends, both doggos and birds like ducks and swans. And brace yourself for some giggles as she sniffs some really stinky stuff! This video is like a mini adventure that takes you right into Eevee's exciting life. You'll feel like you're trotting along with her, exploring cool things, and just having a great time! If you think Eevee's adventure is super fun, smash that Like button and share this cool journey with your friends. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel to tag along on more of Eevee's awesome adventures!