Shiba gets Savage in Cards Against Humanity. Unbelievable picks

My shiba inu dog plays cards against humanity with me

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My shiba inu dog plays cards against humanity with me and gives some OFFENSIVE and SASSY answers!! Who know she was such a sassy lady! This is one big fail video to be honest! playing cards against humanity with my shiba didnt pan out how i thought it would, but I hope you enjoy this edit anyway!



let's play Cards Against Humanity it describes itself as a party game for horrible people and isn't that you I just need to open the bot um open the box uh open the box hey there we go see what's inside so Evie the black cards are the questions and the White cards are the answers I'm gonna give you some answers now and you get to choose from these to answer this question airport security guidelines now prohibit what on airplanes no yeah we're only allowed to pick one card you can't take two reset time ready let's go pick another card [Music] okay let's see what you picked give the car to me cheeky Ed Balls bro this joke is like a decade old you can do better than that try any other one okay is that the middle one or okay the one on the side you can't pick the question card okay you picked eight ounces of sweet Mexican black tar heroin bro geez Evie calm down I mean if they didn't before they really should now pretty sensible for Cards Against Humanity Evie books spitting facts you could have had attitude or you could have had Panda sex oh my gosh I can't understand why you picked that one now [Music] good girl let's do another right I'm gonna deal with you three cards this time just so there's less to choose from less to mess up and your question is alternative medicine is now embracing the Curative powers of War pick your best answer how did you think right let's spread these out a bit more and try again and pick a card oh she's seriously looking at that one on the left but chooses the middle card okay so what's your answer let me take let me have it not for me oh that's why you're hiding that from me Evie that's so naughty TV someone made a very bad choice I don't think it was okay I'll believe you this time be careful what you say though saying stuff like that you might be snatched up by Herbal Life or something I can't believe that answer okay be gone ah I can't believe that answer okay when I am a billionaire I shall erect a 50-foot statue to commemorate what no Should chance Evie pick one of the three no that's just greedy I said one I get it it's to commemorate you wait what are you doing there you can't have more answer cards silly goose can have them back way please uh you could move nope that's okay no you're just trying to be difficult now there we go pick one [Music] this this game does not work with you does it foreign [Music] [Music]