So Cute I'm Angry - why we can't handle cuteness overload

A Deep dive into the world of cuteness aggression, a sensation you've likely experienced

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Welcome to “So cute I'm angry: Why can’t we handle cuteness overload”, a deep dive into the world of cuteness aggression, a sensation you've likely experienced but didn't have the name for until now. This is all about the strange phenomenon of feeling an urge to pinch, squeeze, or even 'attack' a cute Shiba Inu like mine, Eevee, because they're just too adorable to handle. Ever looked at something so cute that it makes you a little bit angry? This video will uncover why we have these reactions, and the psychology behind 'cuteness aggression'. We'll also discuss how this emotional reaction manifests in our daily lives, so you can understand and be in control of it. Our lovable Shiba Inu, Eevee, perfectly illustrates this concept. Her charm is overwhelming; it's so potent it makes you want to clench your fists or pinch her fluffy cheeks. Don't worry; it's all part of experiencing a cuteness overload, which is exactly what we'll explore today. However, remember to always treat Eevee and all other cute creatures gently, no matter how cuteness-aggressive you might feel! Interestingly, this blend of affection and mild frustration isn't unique to English speakers. Languages around the world have their own words to describe this fascinating response to excessive cuteness. In Malay, they use the term 'Geram', while in Tagalog (Filipino), it's known as 'Nakagagigil'; they has mastered words for cuteness overload! Our video is the perfect mix of cute Shiba Inu moments that will surely trigger your cuteness aggression, and educational content explaining the whys and hows of this complex emotional response. Tune in and get ready for a fun, informative, and overwhelmingly adorable journey. It's a rollercoaster of 'so cute I'm angry' emotions and memes that you don't want to miss! Get ready to get overloaded with cuteness and learn something new about our emotional responses. Remember, if you find yourself feeling a tad frustrated when looking at Eevee, you're not alone. That's just cuteness overload doing its thing! Join us in this incredible exploration of the cuteness that makes us all a little bit angry." This video's exploration of 'cuteness aggression', the 'so cute I'm angry' phenomenon, and adorable Shiba Inu moments are sure to appeal to all animal lovers, psychology enthusiasts, and anyone who's ever squealed over a cute dog video. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more original and unique shiba inu dog content!



Aww that dog is so cute so cute I kind of feel angry I really want to pinch it's cheeks and I want to squeeze it why is that? if you have ever felt this way, join me and Eevee as we find out what this feeling is why we feel it and what this looks like in real life so you can be in control of it we're gonna find this hard because you are so cute it makes me angry *sigh* eheheheheheheeeeeee Eevee help me out here... what do you call this thing in our world we know it is three different things the first is cute or cuteness aggression the second is playful aggression and the third one which is my favorite is cuteness overload a nd it's all about when you get overwhelmed by something so cute it makes you want to squeeze it incredibly tightly or it makes you a little bit angry you might want to clench your fists or you might want to pinch it but I never do that to you Eevee, would I? BRUH what I found most surprising about this is other languages have a single word to describe this no I don't think that's one Eevee let's try them out and apologies in advance of the butchering that I might do of your language... in the Filipino language they use the word nakagagigil so maybe one of our next videos should be you are so cute it makes me nakakagigil! in the Indonesian language they have the word Gemas in Malay they have the word Geram in Thai this concept is called mankiel and in Spanish they use the word Cosa in the context of Ese perro me da cosa meaning that dog gives me the thing can you believe that other languages have got this in one word and we haven't in English? I think we need to go through some ideas together I use chatShiBT (ChatGPT) to get 10 recommendations we've got squeezethrill cuteferocity snuggerage squishdesire pinchpulsion adorgression puffery cuddlewrath smushpulsion and lovencity which one's your favorite? I love smushpulsion if you have any other ideas drop us a comment but now we're going to explore why we feel this way our brains literally can't handle how cute you are ! to understand why we feel this way we had to put on our glasses open our laptop and start researching we found some scientific papers on this exact topic and they did some wild stuff to assess this Eevee they monitored people's brains and showed them cute pictures and some not so cute pictures to see how they reacted and when people saw cute pictures like pictures of you their brains got overwhelmed with this feeling of cuteness which we can't handle which is where this aggression feeling comes from and then they broke it down and found out it's all because we want to care for such an adorable little creature and they want to continue studying this to help people with depression or people that struggle handling their emotions because this could potentially really help them but they don't know yet and if your cuteness does help people with depression we're gonna be making videos until we're old and gray so what are the signs of cuteness aggression and how can you be aware of it? you are so cute it makes me angry it's not just a meme it's a warning sign I just tip the balance into cuteness overload there so you could have a few different warning signs you could squeeze your fists because you think something's so cute you can't handle it you could want to pet a dog a little bit harder than you're supposed to because they're so cute you could pinch their cheeks you could shake because you're overwhelmed with how cute something is or you can say things out loud like I did some people might grit their teeth too hard some people might squeal and some people just might not be able to leave their pet alone because they are so overwhelmed with how adorable they are I'm pretty guilty of most of these and now you know the warning signs you can watch out for them yourself and make sure that you don't overdo it with your pets so what gives you cuteness aggression? what cuteness aggression traits do you give off? if you've got answers to any of these drop me a comment below until then I'm going to be making our next video about the top 5 things Eevee does that gives me cuteness aggression (cuteness overload) and spoiler they are super cute see you on the next video